7 Creative Ways to Keep your Apartment Cool this Summer

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The dog days of summer are officially upon us. Before you crank up the A/C follow these creative, renter-friendly, and cost-efficient ways to keep your apartment cool for the remaining days of summertime Chicago. 

1. Keep your blinds, curtains, or shades CLOSED during the day. 

Almost all of the heat that enters your apartment does so via the windows and patio doors. Make sure to close the window treatments during the height of the day to block the heat. 

2. Shut unnecessary doors. 

Close doors to any and all unused rooms during the hottest part of the day. These rooms include but are not limited to:  bedrooms, bathrooms, dining areas, etc. You want to make sure you keep cool air flowing where you need it. When the temperature drops for the night, you can slowly start reopening the doors to let cooler air in and distribute it comfortably. 

3. Swap out your bedding 

Switch out your fall and winter linen for cooler, less sticky sheets and blankets. We recommend Cotton, Bamboo, Eucalyptus, or any other plant-based textile. 

4. Rearrange your Plant Babes

Place taller plants, such as snake plants, monsteras & palm trees near windows that face direct sunlight. This can aid in shielding the heat and also be beneficial for the plants. 

5. Cook Outside or Make Cold Meals

This is the perfect time to create all the cool summer dishes you may enjoy such as salads and specialty sandwiches. If you don't mind the heat, you can also cook your meals on the grill and bring it back inside to eat. This will help you avoid cutting on the hot stove or oven in your apartment. 

6.  Seal Cool Air Inside 

Cool air can escape quickly through gaps in doors so you may want to invest in foam weather stripping inserts from your local hardware store or amazon. If you notice a gap anywhere, try to fill it as best as you can to trap in your cool air. 

7. Use Bathroom & Kitchen Exhaust Fans

Believe it or not, these fans can help pull hot air out of your apartment just as well as they do after cooking a meal or taking a nice steamy shower. 

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